Breckenridge Colorado | A Place of Beauty for Your Custom Home

 reckon rage Colorado custom home landscape view

In the distance, rises the massive slope of Quandary Peak.  You look across miles of Douglas fir and spruce, interspersed with expansive Alpine Meadows. No one else is around–and that’s just the point. In a lone natural settings such as this is your one-of-a-kind custom Breckenridge, Colorado luxury home. Completely built from local natural resources; the center beam of this home may weigh two or three thousand pounds, and was brought in and set by crane.

 custom home fireplace

The natural stone mantle of your fireplace may weigh 500 pounds. Long after the tract-homes of most suburbia are a long gone memory, that fireplace and its mantle will still be there.

The best custom-built homes in Breckenridge are not built by out-of-towners–they’re built by a local with 20 years plus of experience building one-of-a-kind custom-designed crafted and finished luxury homes.

Mike Usalavage, Breckenridge Custom Home builder, builds these custom homes a few at a time, often one at a time. Your custom home receives his full attention and skill. Mike personally leads a team of expert craftsmen in building these expansive, luxury Breckenridge custom homes.

If you’re ready to settle for a turnkey, cookie cutter log style home, head on over to find a Denver homebuilder, but if you’re looking for a true Breckenridge custom built, luxury home, then contact Mike Usalavage now at: 970-390-0990.